Company Overview

Theranostec’s goal is to develop more effective and safer anti-cancer therapies that will eradicate cancers with unmet medical needs. We have developed a novel, nanoparticle treatment platform that only releases at the site of the tumor, allowing for targeted and effective chemotherapy and phototherapy, while also lowering toxicity. 

Currently, we are at pre-clinical stage with promising anti-cancer effect in vivo animal models. Our near-term plan is to file the IND application to the FDA and initiate clinical trials. Our long-term goal is to seek FDA approval.

We have received several non-dilutive federal funds, including SBIR grants to conduct preclinical optimization and animal testing and have received compelling data on efficacy.


Interim CEO: Aaron Lindstrom, PhD

  • Expert in medicinal chemistry and drug design

Founder & CSO: Yunapei Li, PhD

  • Associate Professor at the University of California, Davis
  • Expert in cancer drug development, nanomedicine, and cGMP production.

Co-Founder & COO: Tzu-yin Cindy Lin, DVM, PhD, DACVP

  • Research associated Professor at the University of California, Davis
  • Expert in translational cancer research, Toxicology/Clinical pathology, and nanomedicine.


Dr. Gregory Farwell, MD

  • Chair of the Department of Head and Neck Surgery, UC Davis
  • Expert in head and neck cancers
  • 25 years experience as practicing surgeon

Dr. Rick Harkins, NIH CAP advisor

  • Prior Principal Scientist at Bayer Healthcare
  • 35 years experience in the managing partnerships with U.S. academic research institutions and emerging life science firms

Lloyd Kunimoto

  • CEO of Amfora, Inc.
  • 25 years experience in successfully leading biotechnology and biopharmaceutical companies